Design. Plan. Create. Innovate.

70+ years later, we are an established, innovative leader adept at mastering technology to stay ahead of an evolving environment. Modern technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) have transformed our technical process, yet our approach remains focused on the same core principles: collaboration, quality, performance, and innovation.


As designers, planners, builders, and developers our job is to know our clients’ needs and deliver solutions that satisfy them. We achieve this by actively engaging clients, stakeholders, public agencies, members of the surrounding community, and by cultivating a spirit of creative collaboration among our own team. When we establish meaningful partnerships with our clients, the path toward project success is illuminated.


Thanks to our comprehensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control program, the precision of our work is constantly on our minds whether we are designing, planning, or building. Our procedures ensure full coordination between all disciplines, compliance with all applicable codes and standards, and the ultimate fulfillment of our clients’ needs and aspirations.


Considerations of schedule and budget are critically important to every Perez project. We know that high performance is a priority for our clients, so our organization is specifically structured to foster a performance driven culture. We have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, and the depth and capacity to execute multiple projects on parallel tracks.


Over the course of our 70 year history, we have gained experience in nearly every building type and delivery method imaginable; but that doesn’t mean we have stopped learning. We sharpen, strengthen, and develop our skills every chance we get, and use our wide ranging experience as a foundation for the innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that we create.